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High Five Health & Fitness

Our Health Coaches are the core of our foundation at High Five Health & Fitness.

Working together with our On Staff – Registered Dietician, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and/or Certified Personal Trainers, our Certified Health Coaches help our clients create a completely personalized roadmap to good health; a plan that suits the individual’s unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

High Five Health & Fitness provides guidance and education to those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

We become your ally in good health. Our Health Coaches holistically listen, evaluate, assess, educate, organize, assist, game plan, promote relaxation and positive thinking and motivate. For some the focus is of nutrition. For others the attention is given to reducing stress levels, improving sleeping, getting moving or simply breathing, and for most, all of the above.

Improved overall health, improved nutrition and healthier eating habits, improved sleeping habits, reduced stress and anxiety, fewer food cravings, increased energy, strength, flexibility, vitality and daily satisfaction are among the greatest benefits that our clients enjoy.